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Thread: If we lose today.

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    If we lose today.

    DONT BLAME THE DEFENSE!!! Once again our offense cant move the ball.

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    Offensive Line...or that sorry bunch of dipwads that call themselves that

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    Offense is obviously the bad part..

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    They will lay low for a day or two but by Tuesday they will start to blame the defense.

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    Don't forget special teams. 2nd week in a row with a missed field goal and 2 kicks returned for TD's.

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    just can't get this team to play together.

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    and now im seeing the front 7 quit

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    The line gets 80% of the blame. But there have been some boneheaded plays by others on this offense.

    Defense has played well despite being on the field all game long.
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    illegal formation on the special teams taking 3 pts off the board and giving the Chiefs a fresh set of downs.

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