If not for a man-on-man, we rarely lose....we'd be looking at another scoreless game.

Not much left to watch anymore....the slight "uptick" in energy by a few players...won't be enough to LIFT these guys out the darkness they're in.

The FO..will most likely NOT fire anyone on coaching staff, because we managed to hold KC to a 3 point lead at the half...and scored 7 points this week.

That in itself will be considered " getting better"...and will buy at least another week of heads staying off the platter.

Some players did look like they were serious...but..many missed tackles...read coverages wrong..and were slow and out of position.

( 7 man on one side of line )..... Dumb mistakes....

We're going to be, if not already consdidered, the worst on both sides of the ball this year.

These guys are simply, not good enough. And...doesn't look like it's going to change...

This sucks..and hate the fact that the Cowboys may take this Division...

Go Giants....Go Blue.........where ever you are.