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Hey now, don't go insulting all of us Texans. Some of us do have College degrees and can recognize two bad football teams, well, four in the East.

For the record, I am sticking with Romo, he isn't the problem. It is this stagnate, unimaginative and outdated offense created by the ginger Garrett. Eli is going through the same problems that Romo has had throughout most of his career, no offensive line and a poor defense.

Romo could very well be one of the main concerns, but that won't be answered as long as this offensive scheme is in Dallas. No QB could overcome this IMO. I'm sure Peyton or one of the few could do a bit better but it would not make too much of a difference in the end.

As for the OP, he might be a redneck(as Foxworthy would say)
If you think Dallas has has the most poorly-constructed scheme in the division, I have a Kevin Gilbride I would like to sell you...