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    Who else is glad the eagles lost?

    I am

    Even though it wasn't the giants, which would've been awesome, I love to see eagles ring less.

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    I just love it for the fact that Sheagles fans think they are world beaters, nice to make them come back down to earth

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    I am soooo glad they lost, yet they always kick OUR ***.
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    Yea, they've definitely had our number for a while. it's like they treat every game like the superbowl when its against us. I guess it's what they have to hold on to, since they have never won a championship.

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    I'm glad because it makes the last game against them more relevant - plus I love to see them lose

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    I had a good week of practice!
    I'm happy they lost, but I also hate that Dallas won.

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    I'm pretty happy about it

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    im thrilled...............but i want them to win this week and dallas to lose...........so we can stomp out there little season the last week

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    Heck yeah, can't stand Eagles fans and I work with 3 of them UGH!!!

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    I'm tired of hearing the Sheagles fans like "we're NASTY!!", get out of here with that nonsense

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