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Imagine if Tom Brady had Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne.

Regardless of whatever happened prior to OT, it was Peyton Manning that panicked and threw that "Eliesque" INT that cost them the game against Baltimore Ravens. He also did it in SuperBowl against New Orleans Saints. The guy has had repeated chokes where he threw the INT that cost the game.

Granted, there is a huge difference when leaving a dome and playing outside and vice versa. Tom Brady never seems to have issues when he has to play indoors. Since NFL doesn't augment win/loss records, stats, etc.....etc..... then it really is a moot point.

Granted, Peyton Manning is a great QB, maybe the greatest regular season QB ever but there always seems to be some excuse for why he loses in playoff. He plays in a dome. He doesn't travel well. His teams aren't very good. His coach sucks. He doesn't like the cold etc......etc..... there always seems to be some excuse for Peyton Manning.

There are never excuses for Tom Brady.
Imagine if Peyton Manning played with Randy Moss, Spygate, A great D, Bill Belichick (Arguably the greatest coach to ever coach the game).

What has been Brady's excuse for not winning a championship in the last decade and being 7-7 in the playoffs before this year in his last 14 games? Very average if you ask me. The Pats division is ABYSMAL year after year allowing for the Pats to win the division year after year.

Obviously both QBs are great, and the pro Peyton guys will never agree with the anti Peyton guys, and usually it has to do with them being a Patriots or Gator fan.

I dont like Tom Brady, but I appriciate what he does to a certain extent. What he did this year was great. What he done in the past was great. He is a great QB. But he isnt the greatest IMO. If I could have one QB over the other, give me Peyton who has proved to win regardless of the system or team or coaches. Peyton is the system. Brady is playing in Belichicks system.