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    Actually, they finished 11-5 in 2008, when Brady got injuried, the same team that Brady got them to 10-6 the next year. And Cassel looked pretty solid. A 63.4% completetion percentage (something Eli has done exactly ZERO times in 9 seasons), with 3,693 yards for a 7.16 YPP (Something Eli didnt do until his 6th season), and 21 TDs and 11INTs giving him a PR of 89.4 (Eli has done that 2x). If Eli had 11 INTs, it would be the second time in his career he was under 14 INTs in his 10 years of playing, so think again.

    Brady is overrated, but still a great QB in this league.
    My bad. He took a 16-0 team that was virtually the same and led them to 11-5, tchnically, since we want to nit pick, as a starter he was 10-5 that year. The team Tom Brady had the next year after coming back from missing a season due to injury wasn't the same one.

    Tom Brady continually gets the job done over and over again regardless of the changes to the scheme or system. Tom Brady is not overrated.
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