If we really want to blow it up, we could look into(not definetly do) a trade for ELI, and get a additonal 1st rd pick, and ELI is gonna be 33 after this yr, and has been on downswing for a couple yrs and as statue as hes always been, hes losing more footspeed, which i never thought possible. Hes almost Drew Bledsoe out there right now.. In his prime he was a high INT% QB, and now is past his prime. Hes been a great GIANT qb, but this is a bussiness, and getting as many young studs to go along with the Prince's, JPP's, Cruz's..etc, is the way to go.. Were really light on top flight talent, and need to start building a new foudnation.

Thats how i feel, and i love everything ELI's done for us. Multiple 1st rd picks, and a qb whos developing as we speak all ready in Nassib(not that i love em, but still). We could go many diffrent ways, plus we'd have Nicks off the books, and hopefully Webster and Baas.. We could resign LInval Joseph and go from there..