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Thread: Can This Clown

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    Re: Can This Clown

    [quote user="fishter92"]

    First and foremost, I would've fired Coughlin, nobody wants to play for him, he is a loser.

    Although the offseason isn't over yet, I would've at least made an attempt to:


    Obtain a running back, one to share carries with Jacobs, not a McGahee or A. Green type.

    A backup QB to light a fire under Eli, maybe help him progress a bit

    Added a linebacker or any type of defensive player who can make stops.* This defense sucked *** last year, you would think this jagoff would at least try to improve it.* I agree with letting Emmons go, but get some bodies that can play.


    okay well we are going to prolly land a RB, FA is only a week old, so i think we'll be fine with that.

    So ur upset that we haven't signed a backup QB? Out of everything we need, ur upset with no backup QB, thats just ******ed.

    Yea i agree, we definitly need an OLB, but please tell me WHO you would of signed to help us out...

    My question is specifically what u would of done. "Signing a linebacker" isn't the answer i was looking for. WHO would u have signed.

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    Re: Can This Clown

    Please post future Reese stuff in the Reese thread above.. Thanks!

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