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Thread: Stubhub legit?

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    Stubhub legit?

    Hi guys,

    I found some tickets on Stubhub and I am thinking of traveling to NY over the weekend to watch the playoff game. Would be my first playoff game.

    Can I trust stubhub and do you think they will deliver to the hotel? Not sure if they would be delievered in time at my home address since I live in Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Anyone used stubhub? Is it safe?

    - dg

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    Re: Stubhub legit?

    yes. stubhub is safe and reliable. most of those tickets you can print. not sure what you would have to do in your situation if you got tickets that were by mail only, but i'm sure you could work something out.

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    Re: Stubhub legit?

    yes, it is legit. You could always look for tickets that have "instant download" next to them. that means you will download paper copies of your ticket immediately and can print them out.

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    Re: Stubhub legit?

    Thanks guys. And thanks for the hint. I think I'll look for those kind of tickets just to be safe!

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