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    Giants Have Interest In Former Rams' OT Jason Smith; Host Workout


    Excerpt: "The New York Giants offensive line has struggled tremendously in 2013 to the point where they have gotten Eli Manning sacked 14 times already and are responsible for the rushing attack being ranked dead last in the entire NFL through the first four weeks.

    So it would make sense for the team to look for outside help and reinforcements to help protect their franchise quarterback and to try and jump-start a struggling unit. The Giants signed former Philadelphia Eagles center Dallas Reynolds earlier this week, who may get the start in Week 5 against his old team, but Giants general manager Jerry Reese isn't stopping there.

    On Thursday, Mike Florio from NBC's Pro Football Talk reported that the Giants visited Jason Smith with interest in the former first round pick of the St. Louis Rams in the 2009 NFL Draft.

    Smith was the number two overall selection in that draft, but ran into injury problems, suffering a severe concussion during his time with the team. Before the 2012 season, the Rams agreed to trade Smith to the New York Jets in exchange for struggling right tackle Wayne Hunter, but the Jets released him in February of this year after playing in just two games with the team.

    In April, Smith was signed by the New Orleans Saints, but was cut on August 21. Two days later, the Jets agreed to bring Smith back for a second time with the team, but was cut on August 31 when the team had to get the roster down to 53 players and has been a free agent since.

    Smith has dealt with injuries and many have labeled him another 2009 draft bust, but despite that, the Giants showing interest just goes to show how bad it has been on their team and how dire their situation is to get help in order to protect Manning.

    Smith is an enormous human being at 6'5" and 310 pounds and has great size and speed to play right tackle. When coming out of Baylor, he was known as being one of the more agile and athletic offensive lineman coming into the NFL, which has has shown in his ability to get out in front in blocks and can pass block and run block very well, using his combination of size, strength and speed to beat defenders.

    If the Giants were able to sign Smith, it would allow them to put Smith at right tackle and then move Justin Pugh to the inside and put him at either left or right guard; a spot many felt that Pugh was going to end up when he entered the NFL in April, but the Giants had a need and inserted Pugh into the right tackle slot. Or, the Giants could keep Pugh at right tackle where he's shown some success early on and move Smith inside to guard and see if he can have success at a new position; something players have done many times in their careers." Read more...
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    Eh, they will get it fixed in the offseason.

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    Glad they are doing somethimg

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    That article talks awfully glowingly of Smith.
    Considering he can't play in the nfl

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    Anything will help I guess? Haha...

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    He could be an upgrade with this group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slipknottin View Post
    That article talks awfully glowingly of Smith.
    Considering he can't play in the nfl
    I'm glad someone picked up on that.
    Smith is utter garbage, I would rather take my chances with a bag of sand over Smith.

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    He stinks

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    You have to wonder if he can't make the Jets how is he going to help us? The Saints cut him early, it's not like he was bubble player there at all. It doesn't hurt to look at these guys, especially with two OL looking like they might not make it through the year (Snee and Baas); but I certainly don't see him as an upgrade over what we've got.

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