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    Jerry Reese absolutely destroyed the Superbowl contender he inherited

    Look at the guys drafted recently. These are all our draft picks in round 1-4 from 2007-11. You should be getting a starting player more often then not:

    Aaron Ross- Not a starting caliber CB, not worthy of a 1st rounder
    Steve Smith- out of the league
    Jay Alford- out of the league
    Zak Deossie- long snapper

    Kenny Phillips- bust, probably headed out of the league
    Terrell Thomas- walking injury, but I do like him and hold hope for the future.
    Mario Manningham- 3rd WR who has done nothing since leaving the Giants
    Bryan Kehl- out of the league

    Hakeem Nicks- very good player, unfortunately I dont think we will be able to keep him after the season
    Clint Sintim- bust, out of the league
    Will Beatty- bust, doubled down on this mistake with a horrible contract
    Ramses Barden- out of the league
    Travis Beckum- out of the league
    Andre Brown- under 500 yards in his entire career, solid 3rd back when healthy.

    JPP- Not sold on him. One good season two years ago. We had better options #13 overall (Pouncey or Buluga would have been great).
    Linval Joseph- good DT
    Chad Jones- N/A, unrelated issues.
    Philip Dillard- out of the league

    Prince- Looking to be a good pick. Fell into our lap, but a good pick
    Marvin Austin- bust
    Jernel Jerrigan- bust
    James Brewer- certainly not off to a good start

    No "hidden gems" from this time period either (outside of Bradshaw in 07). There is nobody drafted in rounds 5 through 7 in those years is even on the team outside of Jacquan Williams.

    Its just not good enough. We need to get a new GM in to rebuild the team.
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