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lol, I'm not sure I understood your posts on the current page either but I had a feeling you'd be engaged on this topic.

Here is what I think. The draft is a crap shoot no doubt. If we want to single out any one pick or two or three to crucify a GM that is just not fair.

However, over a period of time certain GMs do a better job of picking #1s that contribute quickly. Some GMs do a better job of picking guys like Wilson in the third round that are impact guys quickly.

This doesn't necessarily mean that picking a guy late like Bradshaw means that you are s great GM. We can't make that call on a pick or two. We can only evaluate a GM over years of picks both low and high and don't forget UDFA.

Free agency is fools gold in general. Great teams are build through the draft and UDFA IMO.

Go Blue!!
Oh I agree with this.

I'm just saying if you want to rag on Reese for whatever late picks he hasent had, you also have to give credit to him for finding Cruz and Hyno and Paysinger and all of them.

Can't only have it go one way