Why are these 2 guys still not on the same page? They have been working together for how long now? And yet, just like the start of the game last week, these 2 seem to have no idea what the play is until the play clock is about 15 seconds. Why is that?

This leaves not much time for Eli to make adjustments, which he almost always does. He seems to be forced to make a snap quicker then he likes to because he doesnt get the play to the team until more then half the play clock is gone.

Defenses seem to tee off on the snap count because they just wait for it to get down to 1 or 2 seconds. They get a better jump on an already struggling oline.

It makes no sense.

I see every other team in the NFL and there QB is lined up under the center or in a shotgun and have like 20 seconds left.

Why cant Eli and Gilbride? What is the malfunction? Im seriously asking this. This is not a Lets bash Gilbride thread, but I am seriously baffled why this continues to happen and why nothing is being done to fix it.