Play faster. No huddle. 2-minute for the whole game.

Blitz on every play. Yes, every play.

Play different players: Demontre Moore, Hankins, Brady, Will Hill, Cooper Taylor, Michael Cox. Mosely. Who cares? They can't do worse than who we have in there now.

Try hitting the TE with a pass two times in a row.

Run every down for 3 consecutive series.

Throw every down for 3 consecutive series.

Never run a shotgun draw during the entire game.

Get plays in 20 seconds before the clock runs down.

Try a reverse or bubble screen every other play.

Change the word "Omaha" to "Topeka".

Whatever. Just do it.

Nothing has worked to date and to expect things to change suddenly is ridiculous.

So what do we have to lose by being Dr. Jekyll instead of Mr. Hyde?

Break every single one of our tendencies and go against the grain.

Yeah, it could be painful, but it certainly can't be more so than watching the travesty our first 4 games have been.

Change, any change...would be better in my book.

At the very least, it would make things more interesting. I'd rather laugh to death than be slowly tortured.

What do you think? For once, surprise us Big Blue. I'll personally applaud you for trying!