I have three simple thoughts:

1. Do what we have done to Vick in the past. Pinch the ends, make them contain. Make him step up into the pocket and take some hits from a couple 300 pounders.

2. Do the same to McCoy. Our LBer's are hungry. Herzlich and Paysinger were all over the place last Sunday. Let's take a gamble and let them dogs eat.

3. Spread it out offensively. They can't blitz our line if we are 4 and 5 out. It's our best defense. And have two hot routes against any blitzing egurls.

I have always said the Giants have two Super Bowls every year. It's the two games against the egurls. If the GMEN can't get pumped for this one to turn our season around then I will also stick the proverbial fork in them as well.