I was surprised to watch wilsons approach to 2 plays on Sunday. It showed me that he needs to be coached up with his running style. The first one was a return that he took around the left side. He had a lot of room; all he had to do was keep burning around the end and get all the yardage he could. But for some reason instead of continuing to run towards the sideline, he slows down allowing a defender to close the gap and he tries to shake n bake the guy. BIG MISTAKE! You're a running back a damn fast one. BOOM... He gets tackled by the guy

He did the same thing on a end run where all he had to do was use his speed but instead he slows down tries to juke a defender and gets tackled. We were amazed, everyone agreed about it. This guy needs to be coached- anyone want the job? Unbelievable!!!