Excerpt: "We have heard from just about everyone associated with this 0-4 start for the Giants, and most — all? — of what they’ve said is just noise.
There was Antrel Rolle, insisting that the team could finish 12-0 (hey, it’s not polite to laugh). There was Victor Cruz, declaring that the Giants must "get this victory by any means," whatever that means.

There was Eli Manning, who ran out of things to say sometime during his rookie season, offering this, uh, promise: "Everyone hopefully thinks we can beat every team we play."

For a team that once used "Talk is Cheap" as its mantra, the Giants sure do plenty of it. All of the Giants, that is, but the general manager who assembled a roster that has been outscored 146-61 this season.

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear from Jerry Reese?

Because there are questions, to say the least. Is he disappointed with the lack of overall depth, especially on the offensive line? Does he regret not upgrading his linebackers despite ample evidence that he should? Did he overestimate the talent here based on that wonderful run at the end of the 2011 season? Was thinking that David Wilson could be an every-down back a miscalculation?

Most of all: Is there anything that can be done now to stop what sure looks like an inevitable grim march toward 5-11?

Reese, through team spokesman Pat Hanlon, turned down an interview request yesterday. This, the Giants say, is standard operating procedure, one that dates to George Young — and, in some ways, the policy is understandable.

There is no benefit to Reese holding court after every game, a la Jerry Jones in Dallas. Plenty of general managers, including John Idzik with the Jets, take a similar approach.

But that policy? It certainly isn’t etched in stone. Reese talked to reporters last September in Carolina, after the Giants rolled over the Panthers to improve to 2-1. And, a year earlier, he did the same after a victory in Arizona put the Giants at 3-1 and silenced critics who thought he had a lousy offseason.

"We have talented players and we have talented coaches," Reese said then. "Why wouldn’t I have faith in this team? I definitely believe we’re in the place to get us in the playoffs." Read more...