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    just got my playoff tix!

    Just ordered my tickets for Sunday, very excited. Anyone know how the view is from 325. My first game in the new stadium was last Sunday so I am hoping to see back to back wins.

    Go Giants

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    Re: just got my playoff tix!

    Man I live in the West Coast and would dream to see the GMEN in Met Life. Hopefully one day. I wouldn't care what section I be in. I be having the time of my life.

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    Re: just got my playoff tix!

    325 will be upper deck near one of the endzones, i believe opposite the players entrance. so youll have a great view of the giants coming onto the field pregame. you'll also have a great view of the game. the stadium is well built so the upper deck, while farther away from the field than the lower areas, you still have an excellent view of the field of play. you'll get to see the whole field and a much better view than the tv.

    i sat in section 132 or something cuz one of the posters here was awesome and kind and sole me the tickets at face value. real close to the field, and only 120 bucks, face value. so lucky. so i know the angle you'll be seeing from and its great.

    enjoy buddy. get loud, and enjoy the game with our fellow fans.

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    Re: just got my playoff tix!

    you can also google "metlife stadium seating charts" and youll get the stadium from like a blimps view and it labels all the seating areas, so it will give u an idea where u are.

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    Re: just got my playoff tix!

    havent been in Metlife stadium yet but I had low-level (between the fieldgoal posts, row 18) endzone seats in the old Giants stadium one time...I watched the jumbotron for most of the game 'cause you couldn't see the game as well as from the sideline seats. Sideline seats are the best regardless of the level. In fact Nosebleeds are as good as lower-level for viewing the game. Lower level seats though, make you feel like so much a part of it all, and the atmosphere is electrifying. I love going to games but haven't in a couple years

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