Clowney is an absolute beast. Antonio Richardson is a first round OT and he has help on every play and they are still getting whipped by Clowney. Clowney is winning every one on one and he is beating the double teams. Don't let the stat sheet fool you. The ignorant and uninformed will look at Tenn rushing total and say what did Clowney do? Tenn has run away from Clowney every play! Tenn has one of the top OLines in the nation. They are dominating the SCar DL and LB's, but that is because they are obviously running/scheming away from Clowney. The tape will not lie. That was one of the most impressive halves of football you will see by a defender.

Another thing. Don't listen to the media hype machine about Clowney's lack of commitment. That is the media making something out of nothing. That is their job. Spurrier completely screwed that situation up. Clowney had a muscle and cartilage issue. Incredibly painful.

Clowney is the top defensive prospect of the last decade and all of the pro scouts know it.