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I think the problem is beyond those guys. Even with Cally, Nash, Hags and Hank in we are a very talentless team and have no clue how to work in AVs system. The drive just doesnt exist. IMO the Nash trade weakened us and trading Gabby worked for a little but we are now seeing why Brassard wasn't really liked in Colombus and Nash is just injured, incredible. We took so many steps back after the conference finals appearance its not even funny. Break up a team who won 52 games and made its first conference finals appearance in over 10 years, great idea. Lose to the winless devils and now a horrible flyers team? AND make Mason look like a vezina finalist? Damn joke and its sad how bad it has become. 8 games into the season or 78 games into the season, we suck
Well put.

Nash is a waste.