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    Quote Originally Posted by Giantsrangers View Post
    I think the problem is beyond those guys. Even with Cally, Nash, Hags and Hank in we are a very talentless team and have no clue how to work in AVs system. The drive just doesnt exist. IMO the Nash trade weakened us and trading Gabby worked for a little but we are now seeing why Brassard wasn't really liked in Colombus and Nash is just injured, incredible. We took so many steps back after the conference finals appearance its not even funny. Break up a team who won 52 games and made its first conference finals appearance in over 10 years, great idea. Lose to the winless devils and now a horrible flyers team? AND make Mason look like a vezina finalist? Damn joke and its sad how bad it has become. 8 games into the season or 78 games into the season, we suck
    Well put.

    Nash is a waste.

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    How about that win last night? I watched bits and pieces of the game.. Nice win. They needed it. Consistency!
    Stop Booing Tiki Barber.

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    Tough loss last night against the ducks... couple dumb decisions in our own zone resulting in turnovers is all it takes against a bigger, faster, and, to put it plainly, better team with a hot goalie and the game is over.

    I liked the effort though. Rangers played pretty well after their initial idiocy to start the game which put them in a 2-0 hole.

    Nice to see Callahan back but I still think this team is soft... too soft. Steppan taking hits all night in the game and no one does much about it. This is how we lost Nash, teams just run at our top players and we don't respond at all. Honestly, I don't care about taking penalties, we're going to get them anyway because NHL officiating is joke but you need to make a stand and say... "if you run at our player we're going to hit yours too" Didn't see any Blueshirts taking runs at Perry or Getzlaf or Cogliano on the ducks while Steppan was getting drilled.

    Still early in the season but it'd be nice if things started clicking in AV's system a little better. Before the two games against the ducks and pens I was hoping for a split as they're two of the top teams in the NHL and it is still possible if we show the same kind of effort tomorrow night.

    Nice to have a full NHL season though

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    Stop Booing Tiki Barber.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYGisBallin View Post
    I think, at this point, the Rangers would be better served without any major trades and just trying to get a cohesive team with what they have under AV's style of play... Season isn't even a month old, they're starting to play a lot better than what they showed on the 9 game road trip and hopefully we'll get Nash back sooner than later.

    Now having said that, if we can get this guy for next to nothing... sure pull the trigger but I don't like this quote from the article:

    "the skilled but finicky 20-year-old Russian, whom many in the industry believe is difficult to coach"

    Kind of goes against what you try to achieve in team sports... all the players buying in to what the coach is telling you and working as a cohesive group.

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    Great win tonight over Cindy and the Pens. LGR!

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    Nice 3 game winning streak and although the last two games weren't as clean as the game against the pens we won and that is all that matters.

    Also, despite what Micheletti said, I like that Kreider took a run at Upshall as he was slashing and cross checking Steppan.... sure it could have let the panthers tie the game up but I really like seeing our players standing up for each other. Yes, he took a penalty and yes it could have turned into a loss but I'll take teammates standing up for each other 100 out of 100 times.

    As an aside, I really don't care for Micheletti along side Sam Rosen... wish JD would come back but seeing as how he's the GM of the blue jackets now that isn't going to happen.

    Swamp rats on Tuesday... here is hoping for a 4 game win streak

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    lets go devils

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    Rangers doing pretty good, lets keep it up tuesday against the Devils. We should beat those bums

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    We are winning games, I'm happy. Hope they keep it up but they could use some work before the trade deadline.

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