Ladies and Gentlemen,

There is to be NO POLITICAL DISCUSSION on these forums of any kind, and at any time.

A thread was started about Kiwi making comments regarding Rush Limbaugh potentially buying the Rams, and 2 days ago, a thread was started about Danny Clark being on Hannity's show, and both threads went on for several pages and were nothing but political talk.

We have stressed this over and over again that politics and religion are subjects that will never be permitted to be discussed on these forums. It is strongly suggested that topics that fit into those decriptions are not posted here, because the thread starter will not be posting again afterwards.

Consider this the one and only warning. We'd like to have a place for such things, but as history has proven, most folks(not just our posters, but people in general) are incapable of discussing those types of things without having the conversation get heated and out of control, and quite frankly, it's not worth the inevitable trouble.

Please do your best to avoid starting such topics