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I think Matthews is the better prospect overall.However I don't think we will pick him. I believe we may pick a Guard at the top of the 2nd round though. Here is some recent Oline cuts I made of guards and centers. Gabe Jackson is the only 1 of these thats considered an early round pick. The RG from FLorida is a middle rounder the Center is borderline draftable. I have noticed in the past once u get past the Top notch centers in the class most of the time they convert other lineman to the position.

I think the Giants go FA at Guard for at least 1 new starter possibly 2. I expect 1 will be a band aid 1 or 2 year deal while a guy like Anthony Steen gets drafted and groomed for the spot while the other will be a plug and play immediate starter like Jon Asomah of the Chiefs

Gabe Jackson vs LSU 2013 he is the LG


Jon Halapio RG and Jonotthan Harrison Center vs LSU 2013

You do not move when your locked on by Gabe Jackson. That guy is a stud!