What players have surprised you this year in both good and bad ways? Doesnít have to be from your own team, but Iím going to pick from my own team for now.

Good surprise: Doug Free.

This guy sucked so bad last year. Like, some of the worst play from a tackle Iíve ever seen. But this year Free is rated as the best tackle in the entire league by PFF. And while PFF doesnít have much merit with their rankings, I canít say I disagree. The guy has played exceptionally well, and actually had his best two games against his toughest two opponents: Justin Houston and Chris Long.

Bad surprise: Morris Claiborne

This guy was really solid as a rookie but has regressed a ton. Obviously there were thoughts that he would struggle in the new scheme since it didnít play to his strengths, but even when heís in man coverage the guy has looked completely overwhelmed. Very strange for a guy with as much talent as him.