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    A horrible but good game today. I didn't think Dallas had it in them to play in those conditions and pull out a win. I am sure the Giants gave it everything they had but just wasn't quite enough this time.

    No matter your feelings about us, have to admit it was a good win seeing it was a division game. I wasn't comfortable when we had the ball with 4 minutes left and was just waiting for a turnover or a three-and-out.

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    Cowboys deserved to win this one. Can't play as sloppy as we did both sides and expect to win. I still won't give up on our year of course until its mathematically confirmed and we are still "only" three behind you guys so maybe just maybe.....

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    I can't say it was a good game cause it wasn't. (we lost you didn't)

    what I can say is I hope this game exposes how much of a dinosaur Gilbride is and his *** gets removed at season's end.

    this game was not a blowout and was closer than most people realize but a W is a W so there you go.

    congrats...now leave our boards until next season.

    you guys got the sweep, are back in contention and there's nothing else to do "here."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Downy Eli View Post
    Understood. Ironically, I hate when players trash-talk. And when I played football, I didn't talk trash. This is just stupid fun for me as I try to get a rise out of rival fans. Have a good night and happy holidays. That was actually sincere btw. lol
    Thank you for your sincerity! And though I hope to see the Raiders eek out a win vs the Cowboys Thursday, you and your family have a great Thanksgiving as well!

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