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Thread: Blue GA parking or Red VIP parking?

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    Blue GA parking or Red VIP parking?

    I found both parking passes for around the same price. Never been to a giants game. MNF
    How is the VIP?
    Is the tailgating going to be as good as the general lot? Not sure if it's worth whatever convenience it may offer if the tailgating sucks

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    Tailgating is as good as you make it. Many VIP-ers arrive late so you'll have more room to maneuver in VIP section - flip side is there won't be as many crazed Giants fans to, um, "socialize" with. Hate to generalize, but Many VIP-ers also leave early, so you'll have an easier time getting out at end of game.

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    Park in the blues. That's where all the "fun" stuff happens. lol
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