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Thread: Bridgewater vs Mariota: Solid read

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    Bridgewater vs Mariota: Solid read


    I still think Bridgewater is the better QB, but Mariota is going to be a stud as well. They should probably go 1-2 in the 2014 draft if they both come out. I think Clowney goes 3rd. I could see a Jags Bridgewater, Bucs Mariota, Giants Clowney beginning of the draft.
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    The article is pretty spot on. My guess is that Bridgewater will be the superior QB the first 2-3 years and then Mariota will move past him once he gets the technical aspects of being a passer perfected. This of course doesn't factor in which QB goes to the Jaguars because their bust rate goes up 100% just based on that.

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    I like your mock enigma. Alot actually.

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