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Explosive is the best way to describe him. Julio is very fast, we all know that from his combine. But in truth his combine came as a surprise to a lot of people. People know he was a good athlete but his numbers were insane. To me, Watkins could go to the combine and run a 4.2 and nobody would be a surprised because he is that fast on tape. His acceleration is just insane.
He also catches the ball very cleanly. You rarely see him juggle it, or 2nd catch it.
Ya, i pretty much meant now. Falcons throw tons of deep balls to Julio wk in and wk out, and his speed is known now. I always thought he was fast, but he kinda had injury issues at Bama that left em a bit timid at times i think? But either way, Julio is good sized , explosive , deep threat , which i think Watkins also is. I watched Watkins make a deep catch up the right sideline a wk or 2 ago and make the catch with the DB draped all over him, tand he just didn't even phase Watkins, and just slid right down em, and Watkins coasted to a TD.. Thats where i feel hes like Julio. There not scrawny deep threats. They got some strength and size to there games as well.