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[quote user="Gonzo88"]You have to twist Julio Jones' numbers a bit to make it work, and assume he'll be healthy in the future, but if you take the last six games the rookie dynamo has started and finished -- which excludes Atlanta's first game against New Orleans -- and lay the average out over a full 16-game season, you get 72 catches, 1,579 yards and 21 touchdowns. The yardage figure would be in the top 20 all-time, and the touchdowns would only be outranked by Jerry Rice in 1987 and Randy Moss in 2007.[/quote]</P>

Other than the TD's number, those are basically Victor Cruz's exact numbers. So my question to you is, how do you stop that?</P>

[/quote] Brent Grimes from What I understand you will have CWebb on Roddy and Ross on Julio? that cant be good for the Giants[/quote]</P>

No way will Ross always be on Jones one on one for the entire game. Giants don't play exclusively man coverage. They play zone more than anything with man press mixed in and have done more man press the last two weeks. Jones is a huge threat no doubt but the pass rush and different coverage looks will help contain him and White as well as Gonzalez.</P>

[/quote] Very good point, but if you double Jones then White will be 1 on 1 and gonzo shouldn't have any problem with Boley. He stopped witten last week but Romo couldnt stay on his feet and had a f'd up hand. Clearly we will have max protection on Ryan giving him some more time to pick apart a zone defence[/quote]</P>

Few TE's this season other than Graham down in New Orleans diddamage against the Giants this year even when Boley was hurt. This includes Finley in GB, Celek in Philly, Davis in Washington, Davis in SFand yes even Gronkowski and Hernandez in New England and more. Gonzo will be a big challenge though no doubt. Giants have beaten max protect with ease the last two weeks and they are mixing upand disguising zone coverages. If Atlanta gives Ryan the time and is not harassed like the Giants can do it will be a tough one for the Giants to win. I can at least admit that.</P>