[quote user="Gonzo88"][quote user="TrueBlue07"]The Giants have the best strength of victory of any playoff team.

The Falcons have the 6th best strength of victory of all playoff teams.

They've beaten hardly anyone. If those scrub teams can some how figure out how to hold down ATLs WRs and Gonzo, I think SOME HOW the Giants will be ok.


[/quote] Sure but all of those teams had better DB's than the giants, you ranked 29th in the league for pass def[/quote]</P>

The Giants pass defense is a major weakness only when that pass rush is not steamrolling and the LB'ers and secondary play too many confusing zone coverages. They have simplified it more the last two games so that the only confusion occurring is coming from the opponent's offense and not our own defense lol. There is also a lot more man-press going on than earlier in the year. Look at the Giants defense the last two weeks. That's what Atlanta is going to get.</P>