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    John Connor vs. Hynoski

    Which one of these two guys is on the roster next season? Connor has proven his worth as a lead blocker and has surprisingly good hands. Hynoski is a fan favorite and brings much of the same qualities. Who do you guys see making the roster next season?

    I think Connor, if he remains healthy and Hynoski doesn't.

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    so far connor has been impressive, and he's worked with lesser quality parts that hyno has.

    but its not really fair. hyno was dam solid 2012. id like to give him a shot once healthy. however, connor certainly cant be dismissed and he has the year to earn a job.

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    I loved Connor when he was at Kentucky. He was a weapon who could be more utilized as he showed last night. I'm all for Connor keeping the job..

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    Well it's certainly laid the ground for an interesting open competition. Either that or maybe we could end up trading one to a team that uses fullbacks during the offseason. Maybe Baltimore... Leach might be awesome but he's also getting up there...

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    I don't believe either will be under contract at the end of the season to make a trade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geebanga718 View Post
    I don't believe either will be under contract at the end of the season to make a trade.
    Conner signed a 2 year deal.

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    Find away to keep both

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    Quote Originally Posted by rotoman View Post
    Find away to keep both
    I don't think we have ever kept two fullbacks. This will make for great camp competition next year
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    This team can't afford to spend two roster spots on fullbacks. To me it's least injury prone.

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