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    we was fed lobster and steak on a garbage can lid last night and.....

    We're supposed to enjoy it, have you guys been watching this team over the years? You mean to tell me backing into the playoffs then going on a run is what its all about or going 8-8 or 9-7 year in and year out and not making the post sesson at all is ok? Or YEARS of playing down to bad teams is fine, or having a Qb with a zombie like personality is cool, or a coaching staff who allows a defense to dictate to them rather than imposing there will and setting the tone, or giving these stupidaz contracts to someone like Baas or Beatty was smart, meanwhile they want me to pay $10 for hot chocolate or highaz PSA's plus parking plus money for seats to see ''this''..((this is madness you maniacs)) until the culture and climate changes this team will always be the laughing stock of the NFL
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