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Thread: Todd Gurley

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    Todd Gurley

    Georgia Runningback
    He is So Smooth when u watch him

    he has a great blend of speed and power at 6'1 232 ,he runs past people i think his combo is amazing


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    Yeah the guy is a battering ram thats what a first round RB looks like

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    Do u have any game footage I'm really bored in class right now lol

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    He's had a rough year injury wise
    Football has been very, very good to us.
    After losing seasons 2013-15, the giants put up 11 wins in 16.. they are on way Back
    But for now we can console ourselves with this fact-

    # of Super Bowl victories since 1985:

    1-Chicago, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Seattle
    2-Washington, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Baltimore
    3-San Francisco, Dallas, Denver
    4-New York Giants!!!
    Let's make it 5 in 2016 so we can be on a LINE NE again!!!

    ***Stat provided by "Schloss22"***

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    In this league now, you should not take a RB in the 1st. Especially a bulldozer, battering ram type. All that will do is lead to injuries. Gurly is a beast though and IMO the best RB in college football.
    1 - WR/TE Evan Engram
    2 - DT Dalvin Tomlinson
    3 - QB Davis Webb
    4 - RB Wayne Gallman
    5 - DE Avery Moss
    6 - OT Adam Bisnowady

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    He isnt eligible so I dont cut videos of him yet. I have some full cuts of Georgia up unlisted I think.
    This is Josh MTD

    Georgia O vs Tenn D 2012

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    Gurley is awesome! He reminds me of Marcus Lattimore when Lattimore was a fresh/soph, before the injury. I thought thent hat Lattimore was a rare build a franchise around RB, and i kinda feel the same way with Gurley. Not a franchise, but most certainly a offense. David Wilson would actually be perfect compliment to a guy like Gurley also..

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