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    i know this is probably a stupid question, but who is Tom Cable? And why would he punch me in the face?... hey, i haven't been on the boards much since 2002-2003, in my recent sorrow i felt compelled to come on and beech and gripe like a lot of others, you called me out for my apparent "newbie" post count and attitude, and actually helped put me in a better mood, thanks. but i still want to know who tom cable is......

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    Tom Cable - HC of the raiders

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    hahahahha - it all makes sense now, as if i just had smelling salts shoved under my nose.....haha thanks hoss

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    Re: BJacobs27

    you couldnt just type Tom Cable into google...

    you decided to come here and ask that question?

    do you enjoys eggs thrown at you while you sleep as well?

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    sure but what's the fun of that, don't we all come on here for a little interaction with each other? i haven't been on the boards much in recent years, i have occasionally come on and read posts, but not posted. i recognize your sig and a few others, but really lost track when the board reorganized and we all had to "re-sign up". my sig was originally bluemojo and briefly mikethehat. i probably won't participate to the level i have in the past, but when i do it's more fun if it's not just to put up a post or comment and have it sink into nevernever land.

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    This is what he's referring to lol

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