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    Personal seat license question

    Skins fan here. So Danny boy is planning new digs to replace FedEx. It's a certainty that there will be PSL's.

    Do you guys know anyone who has purchased a PSL as part of a group? I was looking for contracts that would define rights and responsibilities members would have as part of the seat "ownership"


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    I have come down to fedex for a few Giants/skins games within the past few years. I was wondering why I got such good seats for generally good prices in comparison to nyg tickets. Good luck and enjoy the higher prices.

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    Any idea if the licensee be a group of people or a LLC?

    I hope to God they build it over RFK. Maryland sucks. Virginia near Dulles is the 2nd choice and it would have the added advantage of making the trip more difficult for you guys and those Philthies

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    Our PSLs can only be sold to individuals or a business.

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