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Thread: hey Redeyejedi

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    hey Redeyejedi

    Im really interested in this runningback from the University of Cumberlands Terrance Cobb and i was wondering if your site would ever put up game footage of him,he has won awards and he has great size and production

    right now all i can see of him is this highlight video


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    hes 5-11 220 with 4.45 speed and has been compared to jamal lewis

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    University of Cumberlands though? WTF is that?

    By the way, De'Rel Scott was 5'11'' 215 and a 4.31 40 time. That stuff means nothing.
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    Most of these games I get off are on major Networks or ESPN3 .I might be able to get something if I go to the school or I can ask his agent for tape when he declares.

    I sent an EMail to an agent that i know that played at Kentucky and works the area hard see if he knows anyone that can get me something
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    He emailed me back said he would try to get me in touch with someone that could get me some tape

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redeyejedi View Post
    He emailed me back said he would try to get me in touch with someone that could get me some tape
    That's awesome man..

    side note:

    I have liked both Draft breakdown on facebook and twitter and frequent the site a couple times a week just to stay updated. I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone. Its FANTASTIC!
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    You feel the same way about this kid that i feel about Marion Grice RB Arizona St.

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    What he told me was he is familiar with him and had seen him play in person but he wasn't spending time on non sure thing NFL players anymore. Which to me says he doesnt think he is draft able.

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    thanks for trying man i appreciate it

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