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The ignorance in this thread is astounding. I don't even know where to begin.

- Reese is a good GM. Plain and simple.

- Reese had more to do with our Super Bowl rosters than many of you had to do with the preparation of your breakfast in the morning.

- Pugh is a good player and will likely start for years, but we didn't get maximum value for him/our pick at 19.

- Beason was a great pick up. Referring to him as old and injury prone completely disregards what his done with an NY on his helmet. AKA its willful ignorance.

- Claiming that we can't count our Super Bowl victories because of what the odds against Tyree's catch or Welker's drop is absurd. Guess the Patriots don't beat the Raiders in the Tuck Rule game and they most definitely don't beat the Rams in that Super Bowl. Vikings beat the Falcons in 1998/1999 (Gary Anderson NEVER misses!!!). Etc, etc ad nausium.

I'd go on but my head hurts from bad logic and my heart hurts for the state of the world knowing people actually feel justified thinking like this.
There are a lot of emotionally driven responses on here in regards to the GM. Fact is, if we didn't turn the ball over so much we could easily have been 6-2 at this point. Then there wouldn't be any discussion about Drafts and this BS hindsight we are seeing now.