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Thread: Danny Woodhead or T. Richardson this week?

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    Danny Woodhead or T. Richardson this week?

    Woodhead has been pretty damn consistent lately, T. Rich hasn't. I have to think T.Rich will start getting goal line TD's/garbage time TD's though being on a high scoring offense....what do y'all think?
    JR....do it, do it!

    1- Eric Ebron- TE
    2- Gabe Jackson- OG
    3- Weston Richburg/Marcus Martin- C
    4- Antonio Richardson- OT
    5a- Anthony Johnson- DT
    5b- Marqueston Huff- FS
    6- Aaron Lynch- DE

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    Probably Woodhead. Richardson has been pretty bad. I'm not gonna waste a flex spot trying to guess which week is the one where he finally breaks out -- not if I have depth, at least.

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    Yeah, Woodhead. He's in on passing downs, and there's going to be a lot of passing vs Denver.

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    Woodhead no doubt. He's a solid 10 ppg lately...

    Man, profanity filters these days are so good...

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    Woodhead is the smart move here.....I sometimes make gut moves with iffy players usually only when I don't think I can when the match or I think I can afford the play...but every once in a while I just feel it and I go for it......with mixed results I might add.....

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