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    My Boys got beat like red-headed stepchildren. Even if Lee, Hatcher, Durant, Sasquatch and Andre the Giant played all game long, we still get whooped. What I find more concerning is.....Garrett should have known Ryan was going to do his best to stick it to them. That is a common sense thought right? What would any good HC do in that situation? They would devise a brilliant gameplan that Ryan has never seen and attack his weaknesses. But not the genius red turd, he uses the same redundant gameplan that rarely works.

    The Cowboys 2nd good drive came from Tony improvising on the fly moving Dez into the slot and bam, a long completion followed by another nice TD throw to TWill on the left side. I am sure Garrett wasn't happy about that one and gave Tony an old-fashioned talking too saying that is not Dallas Cowboy Football in his best opie impersonation. The first good drive came by running the ball but they thought it was too easy and abandoned the run again.

    It is futile to say get a GM, it will never happen so Garrett is the next target......he has to go. There is no creativity, lacks preparation and is mind-numbinlgy boring on the sidelines acting like a clapper trying to turn on the lightbulb in his head!

    Now, we get two weeks to rest but how much will that really help? We should get Hatcher back and Ware might get to 75%. Who cares about the secondary, they still suck, but not Heath suck. Don't worry, yall might see two new additions by then.......the used to be great Ed Reed and a never was in Michael Huff....woot...woot

    Now, your Gnats might have solved the running game. I am wondering who is going to stop him, or Cruz for that matter. This game will decide the Cowboys fate I am afraid. We lose and the Egals take the crown. If we win, we will go into the playoffs as the best of the worst....Low Gun starring Cruise Tom. Don't get too excited if the Giants win, they still won't win the division. You will only take satisfaction in the role of spoilers

    Only one question remains......which team will be the less crappiest in two weeks?
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