[quote user="critters"]He is a different type of RB that Ingram. Trent will carry 4 defenders on his back and is an absolute freak when it comes to his strength. He's a RB and is still considered by many to be pound for pound the strongest player in college football. Weight lifting champ and track star in Florida in high school and has to be reeled in by coaches in regards to how much they let him lift or press. They've had to restrict him from the weight room at times. He is stronger than Ingram and faster than Ingram. Ingram had better vision though and is better at following blockers. Most importantly, it's a different year and teams have different needs. I for one couldn't believe we passed on Ingram when he dropped that far. I doubt Trent will, but it's all about needs and risks when you have higher picks. I HOPE teams ahead of us decide they don't want a RB. Trent is a rare type of player and will show that at the combine.

For starters, you’re talking about a 225-pound guy who’s run a 10.4 in the 100 meters and a 4.37 in the 40-yard dash.

He said the Alabama strength staff stopped him at 465 pounds on the bench-press.

“They didn’t want me straining anything, But I wonder what I could do for real.”

The same goes for squats and the power clean. Richardson said he
wasn’t allowed to go higher than 600 pounds on squats and “did that

He’s gone all the way up to 365 pounds on the power clean, but said he was doing that in high school.


I totally agree that Richadson is a better prospect but he defintely does not run a 4.37. More like 4.5. Still he put up very similar numbers to ingram.