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Thread: Jon Beason was mic'ed NFL Network Sound FX!!!

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    I saw it yesterday on NFL Network sound clips. It was from the Raiders game. He called the fumble that Kiwi caused, he told them right before that play that somebody was about to cause a turnover.. They went out and did it.. He motivated everyone.. Reminded me of my H.S days.... Mannnnnn

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    closest I could find

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    They showed some yesterday on the NFL Network, He is our defensive leader along with Rolle
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    perry fewell has really taught Beastson how to play. kudos coach fewer

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    Quote Originally Posted by sheli no more View Post
    perry fewell has really taught Beastson how to play. kudos coach fewer

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingblue92 View Post
    I saw it myself!! He really got me pumped.. That guy was the steal of the century, a real leader of men. Those clips spoke volumes for why our Defense has turned it around.... You guys gotta see it..
    More lies! Video or did not happen

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