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    Chucknoxx on Cullen Jenkins: "If he was 5 pounds lighter, he woulda had the sack." lol

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    Funny stuff...
    I want to see Eli in a new system before I throw in the towel in him. He is smart and will adjust.

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    I died laughing chuck especially the knoxadamus (spelling) part

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    Lol thanks guys. This was by far the most out of control game for me personally this year. The thought of it possibly slipping away for good, against the Raiders, just made me a lunatic for 3 hours. I've heard so many great stories from the same EXACT plays from Giants fans from doing this new series.
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    "I spit my gum out" haha. Great video man that was awesome!
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    man this is just awesome.. no words..

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    Can I watch games with you. Its more fun to watch you yell at the tv then to watch eli run an offence.

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    Another awesome video.

    Mr. Chuck Knoxx, thank you so much for sharing these.

    One Game At A Time.

    I bELIeve.

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    Subscribed liked and favorite keep up the good work.
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    Those 2 picks...they were almost identical. A classic example of "turnabout fair play".

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