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    although nothing beats eli to tyree

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    Eli to Myers.

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    For those that said a different combo besides Eli and Plax, I want you to think about that Ice Bowl against Green Bay and then get back to me. Cruz is my 2nd favorite as well.

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    Eli to Cruz.
    Honorable mention to Nicks. How can anyone forget his performance in the 2011 playoffs?

    I was never a huge Plax fan but he was fun to watch and could do things other receivers couldn't.

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    Eli and Plax but more recent is Eli and Cruz. They really clicked

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    eli to shockey? kidding. I like eli - toomer myself.

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    Eli to plax 2007 NFCCG

    But most of all Eli to Nicks 2011 post season..

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    Eli Manning to Plaxico Burress was quite the connection. I'm still disappointed in that 2008 season because we were on track to make it right back to the super bowl and he went off and blasted himself.

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    Eli and whoever is open
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    mine was eli to steve smith. ss12 never got the credit for being an intermediate to vertical threat that he actually would be 2-3x a game. he was just so money on the underneath stuff. i never felt more confident in the pass game not even in '11. teams would employ double, sometimes even triple team concepts on smith on 3rd downs and it didnt seem like it mattered. 106 receptions was it? man what a travesty he hurt himself the way he did...

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