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    Quote Originally Posted by NYGisBallin View Post
    Manning to Plax was the most prolific..

    I enjoyed watching Manning to Steve Smith.. Guy was an incredible route runner. Effin' Traitor!!!!!!!
    Eli to Cruz has been far more prolific....

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    As a matter of a fact..none of Eli's best seasons came with Plax. 2008 was one, but plax played terrible, and he only played 8 or 9 games.

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    Cruz First, Plax second, Nicks third, and a shoutout to Toomer for fourth

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    Eli and Plax... Plax was my favorite wr in the league once he came to this team... to bad he had to cheddar bob himself

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    Eli to Moss. Man what a great play that was and he was only stopped 3 or 4 yards short of a first down.

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    Eli 2 Nicks, 2011 playoff run.

    I'm still waiting for the re-surge, but all we get is the re-gurge

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