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    Big Blue vs Dirty Birds

    GAME DAY 1PM......

    OK ALL here it is, Lets watch and chat about the game....i'm ready Big Blue, I was in doubt of Eli this season, but i think he proved to me that he can over come. Big Blue need a win so i can talk smack to a co-worker who is a falcons fan already talking smack this whole week. Make me proud

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    Re: Big Blue vs Dirty Birds

    Should be a good game. I think we win this one by 10 points. GO GMEN!!!

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    Re: Big Blue vs Dirty Birds

    Let's go giants!

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    Re: Big Blue vs Dirty Birds

    Idk who's going to win, but if we come out strong like we did against Dallas...everyone in the playoffs will be scared.

    Our pass rich needs to mess with QB's minds.

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