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Thread: Buck and Aikman

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    Buck and Aikman

    Why is it everytime we have a big game these Cowboy lovers are in commentary?

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    Re: Buck and Aikman

    Because they do the biggest games on Fox.

    Actually no, it's because the league conspires against the Giants and their fans.
    Put milk-steak, she'll know what it is.

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    Re: Buck and Aikman

    Fox that's the best they have,the O needs to start playing no more mistakes let's go on first down!!!

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    Re: Buck and Aikman

    I joined this board today, I just wanted to see
    if ya'll were hearing the commentary on TV the
    same way I was . The Giants are in the playoffs
    The Cowboys are at Home get over it Troy,
    Buck has his heart in St Louis. Troy always
    points his commentary AFTER a play!
    " I am suprised ELI missed that "
    " They should have seen that"

    I am a college fan, but love the Mannings
    Dump this team from Giant Broadcasts

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