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    Holy crap I can actually see this happening...we can make the playoffs. Linky.

    Just when I don't think it can get any worse, I think of you Ray. I have been to the abyss....thank you for helping me stay positive.

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    Crack is bad for your health.

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    Nothing wrong with having a little fun. Not everyone takes this football stuff in a "live or die" kind of way

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    Let's face it, a minuscule portion of all of us believe this could happen.
    I bELIeve in February 4, 2018.

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    Oh God, another one

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    It COULD happen.

    But it's tough.

    We'd really have to rely on a ton of teams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Providence View Post
    Let's face it, a minuscule portion of all of us believe this could happen.
    The writer made that pretty clear when he said "This is for the eternal optimists only, or those looking for a good laugh."

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    I just want them to win at this point. I was stupid enough to believe the Giants would beat the Cowboys at home, so my faith is at an all time low right now.

    Just win, try to go 9-7, and end the season on a positive note.

    I really hope this ***** slapping sticks with Reese, because in my opinion, he's the architect of this team.

    Coughlin & Eli have already proven (twice) what they can do with the right supporting players.
    "I like linebackers. I collect 'em. You can't have too many good ones." - Bill Parcells

    "Name the starting linebackers from 2007." - Jerry Reese

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    Quote Originally Posted by imstilripped View Post
    Oh God, another one
    Troll? Yes, yes you are.

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    Stop it! It's crazy talk.

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