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Thread: if the raiders beat Dallas today we still....

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    why are giants fans arguing about Cowboys vs Eagles?

    lol who cares, hate them both

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    Cowboys win, our season is over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorwoodBlue View Post
    Cowboys win, our season is over.

    It was over as soon as it was 4-7

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    Quote Originally Posted by barran21 View Post
    We suck tank tank tank, i want us to draft higher, 4-12 sounds good right about now.
    This team could get the #1 pick in the draft and it wouldn't mean jack s###
    Odell Beckham Junior: The future of the Giants

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    It was over at 0-6! The fat lady waited for tonight!
    TC: You know my mama wanted me to be a farmer.

    OBJ: My dad wanted me to be a WR.

    TC: Well you're better than any player I ever had. And you're the best God damn WR I ever saw. Suit up.

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