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Grandy's a Met...Cashman's a Mess
We signed McCann, Beltran, Kelly Johnson, Ellsbury, Kuroda, Jeter, Brendan Ryan, all ready this offseason and lost Cano and Grandy. I think Cashman and COmp are doing a great job. I think ells contract looks way better now that Robbie signed for 10yr 240million. Its the same per yr just 3less yrs, which is wicked important.

Also, for all you complaining about Ells and losing Cano and comparing the 2. Take a look at there 162game avg's.. Ells is alot closer to Cano then you would think..

Cano- 309BA 24hr 97rbi 194hit 94run 4sb

Ellsbury- 297BA 15HR 71RBI 196hit 108run 55sb

Also, Ellsbury is probably the most frustrating player to watch on defense if ur fave teams going against him. Hes remarkable out there.