Also, i'd like to add, that Brett Gardner is recieving tons of trade interest now, which could lead to any one of Chase Headley, Jeff Samardzjia, Martin Prado, or Brandon Phillips. Obviously, any of those guys would require a ex player or 2, but Gardy would be center piece.

Personally, i'd talk to SD at the winter meetings and offer Gardner, Phelps, and Mark Montgomery for Chase Headley.. That would be my ideal trade.. Then go sign Omar Infante and have Kelly Johnson and Infante be the 2B, and Headley obviously are starting 3B.

OF Ellsbury, Beltran, Soriano, Ichiro
1B Tex
2B Johnson and Infante
SS Jeter and Ryan
3B Headley and Johnson
C McCann and Cervelli
DH A revolving door all yr long.